56-year-old woman is the star performer at Al Ain aerobatic show
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By Aftab Kazmi

Al Ain — If anyone were to think that aerobatics is a young man’s sport, then Jacquie Warda is living proof that they are wrong on both counts.

The 56-year-old from San Francisco is one of the star performers in Al Ain Aerobatic Show that began on Wednesday at Al Ain International Airport. This is Jacquie’s first visit to the Middle East – an experience she describes as awesome.

“Everyone has been so very friendly throughout my few days in the UAE, from the moment I stepped off the plane,” she said. “Seeing a woman fly as well as the men, well that is worth seeing alone,” she enthuses. “I have never been in such great physical shape as I am now. When passion drives the performance, not even the sky is the limit!”

Jacquie flies her own 1986 Pitts Special, named The Red Eagle. The factory built plane is acknowledged as the world’s leading competition aerobatic display biplane.


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